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Green home office

Green home office

Since you're no longer commuting, working from home might already seem more environmentally kind. But there are many other things to take into account: from the materials your work equipment is made from to the energy you use. Considering that millions of us are now working or studying remotely, we can approach this as an opportunity to minimise our impact while doing so. These businesses are here to help you create an eco-friendly work environment. 🏡💻

Ecosia - the search engine that plants trees

"The search for a greener internet is taking root".

We thought it would be fitting to kick this collection off with a shout out to Ecosia. Ecosia are a search engine that allows you to plant trees and combat climate change by simply using them to browse the internet. By making Ecosia your search engine of choice you can end each day of work knowing that you've helped plant trees and tackle the climate crisis. A good day at the office if you ask us! 👍🌲

Notepads, pens & pencils

Many of us out there still enjoy writing by hand and haven't totally succumb to the digital age (for now anyway!). Yet it will come as no surprise that using pens, pencils, and paper have a very real environmental cost. Here's a useful selection of eco-friendly writing tools to help you cut down on plastic, minimise waste & allow you to reduce your environmental impact when working/studying from home. ✏️️

Green tech & accessories

Switching to more environmentally-friendly technology and tech accessories might not be the first thing that comes to mind when trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle. But there's some pretty innovative solutions out there! 💻

Green energy

Energy usage is going to be a primary concern, considering that many more of us now need to heat & power our homes during working hours. If you haven't made the switch to a green energy tariff now is the time to do so. Below are a few of the best energy providers offering 100% renewable electricity & 100% carbon offset gas. 💚

Also, have a read through these super useful tips on how to reduce energy consumption.

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