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Clean home, clean Earth

Clean home, clean Earth

Maintaining a clean home doesn't have to cost the Earth. After all, our planet is also our home so it makes sense that we take steps to keep it clean 🧼🌎 These businesses are helping you keep a clean home in a far more sustainable and natural way.

Sustainable laundry

Regular laundry detergents don't completely biodegrade and end up contaminating water supplies, rivers and oceans. 💧 Here's a selection of some the best green laundry alternatives.

Sustainable kitchen cleaning

Traditional kitchen cleaning products are often full of chemicals which are harmful to consume - for humans, other animals and our environment as a whole. Luckily there's plenty of planet-friendly alternatives out there. Here's a selection of some of our favorites:

Sustainable bathroom cleaning

Conventional bathroom cleaners are often packed with chemicals and harmful substances, meaning that rivers, lakes and oceans are exposed to contaminants when they're rinsed down the drain. To prevent this, you can opt for planet-friendly bathroom cleaning products that use natural ingredients which look after our planet's water resources. 💧

Waste management

While we should all take action to minimise household waste it's also important to ensure that any waste we produce is disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. Whether that's by recycling, composting, using biodegradable bags or even using waste material for anaerobic digestion, these businesses can provide you with the tools for a green waste disposal system in your home. 🟢🗑️

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