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Silly Greens

Silly Greens

Silly Greens is about small greens that jazz up a meal. They post live seeds that grow out the box, week after week, bringing nutritious greens to our plates. Here's how it works...

A first of its kind - farm-direct produce that still has some growing to do. From farm to kitchen, it shifts food growing closer to the plate. A grow box contains three micro greens which have been pre sown so they are ready to start garnishing plates in no less than a week. They make wilting herbs and lacklustre greens a thing of the past, providing a fresh living solution to a highly perishable crop supermarkets struggle to provide.

Unlike bagged salad which goes off too quick, live trays help prevent waste as they do not go bad. The grow boxes are minimal, designed to fit through the letterbox, the packaging itself doubles up as the grow tray. No part of the box ends up in landfill.

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