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When it comes to toiletries and self-care, environmentally friendly products are overwhelmingly marketed to and bought by women. But if we are to close the eco-gender gap and engage men, we must provide appealing sustainable options for men. This is exactly what Manu Toiletries is doing with their handcrafted, natural toiletries for modern men.

Founder Manuel de los Santos, has spent the last year formulating and testing their range of all-natural soaps and toiletries. Products are intended for all skin types and do not exasperate sensitive skin like many conventional products that are packed with chemicals and artificial ingredients. From Shampoo & Shower Soap Bars to Natural Shaving Soap, all of Manu's products are 100% vegan and cruelty free.

We'd highly recommend checking out their range of soap bars, which are artisan made by hot-process in Leeds and cured for four weeks.

All products on offer are completely zero-waste and packaging is either recycled or recyclable. ♻️

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