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24 million pieces of bread are wasted in the UK, every day. Determined to tackle this head-on, Earth & Wheat are the world's first (and only) wonky bread box. Working directly with bakeries, Earth & Wheat save bread that would otherwise go to waste and deliver delicious, bakery-fresh bread direct to your door. Each wonky bread box contains a random and mixed variety of roughly 2kg of tasty breads, from crumpets to tortillas to wholemeal pittas. Offering a range of subscription plans, you can have your wonky bread box delivered as and when suits you. How's that for a convenient way to enjoy some super tasty bread while doing the planet some good?!

With every box of bread rescued through Earth & Wheat you'll make a positive contribution towards the environment. For instance, every box saves approximately 3240 litres of water and 3053 grams of CO² from going to waste. Breads are also boxed in 100% recyclable and biodegradable packaging to further reduce its environmental footprint. Earth & Wheat are also a socially responsible business, using their organisation as a force for good. For every box ordered, they donate a meal to UK food banks to help fight food poverty. They also pay the living wage to all staff and commit to only working with bakeries that do the same.

Globally, food waste contributes between 8-10 per cent of total greenhouse gas emissions, meaning to reach net-zero we need to take meaningful action to prevent food waste. Through Earth & Wheat's wonky bread box you do just that and help prevent perfectly tasty fresh bread from ending up in landfill. ūüćě

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