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Mainstream chocolate might be cheap but it's packed full of ingredients we're best off avoiding - from artificial sweeteners to palm oil. Not to mention its long-standing concerns around child labour, slavery and its general exploitation of producers.

Doisy & Dam are proving that chocolate doesn't have to be a guilty pleasure. It can be produced ethically and without the nasties of a conventional chocolate bar. They're a B-Corp certified business that produces a variety of delicious dark chocolate treats, founded on two basic principles: better ingredients and better ethics. ūüćę

The ingredients are better because they're 100% natural and Vegan Society Certified. They aim to use as few ingredients as possible and have a strict no artificial ingredients policy. All of their chocolate is free from palm oil, an ingredient often found in chocolate that continues to drive deforestation around the world.

The ethics are better because their cocoa is Faitrade Certified. Doisy & Dam source their cocoa from Luker Chocolate and Fairtrade certified sources. Luker Chocolate is a Colombian family owned chocolate manufacturer that not only ensures cocoa farmers a fair wage, but also works to empower them and support local communities. For every kilo of cocoa Doisy & Dam buy from Luker Chocolate, they donate an additional 10p to the Luker Foundation which supports projects in growing Colombian communities.

Doisy & Dam are also working towards using less plastic and reducing waste. They have begun using recyclable paper packaging for their chocolate bars. They also donate excess or short dated stock to the food redistribution charity, FareShare.

For those keen to try Doisy & Dam, they’re offering 25% off first subscription orders when you sign up to their newsletter!

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