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Cottonsafe® Natural Mattress


Cottonsafe® Natural Mattress

Cottonsafe® Natural Mattress

Cottonsafe® Natural Mattress create handcrafted chemical-free mattresses made from Cottonsafe® - a fabric that uses natural materials and unlike the majority of conventional mattresses is free from harmful chemicals. As a truly purpose driven organisation, Cottonsafe® Natural Mattress actively campaign against the use of toxic flame retardant chemicals in our mattresses and furniture, aiming to create safer, more healthy homes for us all.

Made from a unique patented method of blending organic cotton and pure wool, Cottonsafe® mattresses are a healthy and sustainable alternative to their super synthetic counterpart. They're also sustainable, 100% biodegradable and are completely safe for recycling at their end of life. They also offer the very first Vegan-Friendly Mattress, certified by the Vegan Society! 🌱

Their customer reviews are testament to their mattresses' comfort and quality. The materials they use ensure breathability and good ventilation. This offers a versatile effect which keeps the fibre warm in the winter and cool in the summer a great nights sleep all year round.

From Adult and Children's Mattresses to Futons and Pillows, Cottonsafe® Natural Mattress provide all you need to sleep well knowing you've done your bit to help the environment. 🛏️

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