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Better Nature

Better Nature makes meat-free products that are naturally nutritious and delicious. They offer a sustainable vegan range of tempeh goodness!

Tempeh is a natural plant-based protein originating from Java, Indonesia. Like tofu, tempeh is made from soy but the whole bean is used in a fermentation process. Through this fermentation process, cooked soybeans bind together to form a meaty block high in protein, fibre and other nutrients, making it gut-friendly as well as planet-friendly.

Better Nature offers many options for easy meat replacements such as Mince, BBQ Ribz and Sweet & Smoky Tempeh Rashers (nutritious plant-based alternative to bacon! 🤩) to the versatile organic, plain soy tempeh.

🐢 Better Nature are the first meat-free food brand in the world to be certified Plastic Negative! Through their partnership with rePurpose Global and Waste4Change, they're removing more plastic from the environment than used in their packaging and shipping.

☁️ Better Nature's new range is Carbon Negative verified by Foodsteps, provider of environmental footprint data and carbon labels, after a full product lifecycle. All products received the highest A rating, meaning “very low” carbon emissions. Better Nature also offset double their emissions through ClimateCare's global projects such as clean cooking in Bangladesh and Ghana.

Tempeh-d to try it yet? 😉

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