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True to its name, abnormal. takes a unique approach to food: it's a nutritionally complete meal in powder form, that is personalised to your specific needs. Their convenient meals are founded on two core principles: better, more complete nutrition and better for the environment.

abnormal. provide a more nutritional (and flavoursome) meal through a tailored balance of vitamins & minerals, protein, fibre, fats and carbohydrates that is specific to your bodily requirements. By completing their questionnaire on your diet, health and lifestyle, abnormal's clever algorithm creates personalised meals that are delivered directly to your door. Abnormal. also offers meal plans for those who follow a vegan diet. šŸŒ±

abnormal. is an environmentally considerate meal solution for several reasons. Firstly, their meals help prevent food waste through the perfect portion sizes and a long shelf life that means nothing ends up in the bin (or compost). Their packaging is plastic-free and comes in paper-based packaging. Their sachets and outer packaging can be recycled through standard curb-side collection. ā™»ļø

abnormal. donate a portion of their profits to Share The Mealā„¢ charity - for every 30 meal subscription box sold, they help feed a child for a day who needs it most.

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