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A Fine Care

The beauty industry is notorious for its reliance on single-use plastics, chemical components and excessive packaging. That said, many environmentally conscious personal care brands are emerging and changing the industry for the good of our planet and people. A Fine Care was started to make these brands more accessible and enable you to find high quality home & body products made with natural ingredients.

A Fine Care market a great collection of personal care items from reputable eco-brands that offer highly effective and enriching beauty products which also take care to minimise impact on the environment. Their range includes skincare, bodycare, haircare as well as wellness and home products. Transparency on all ingredients that go into their products is provided.

Here's what makes A Fine Care a sustainable marketplace for personal care products:
šŸƒ Products use natural & organic ingredients
šŸ° All brands are strictly cruelty-free
āŒ Most items use glass jars, not plastic
šŸ“¦ Packaging is recyclable and biodegradable
šŸŒ± 95%+ of products are vegan-friendly (clearly labelled)

Read more about A Fine Care's ethics here.

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