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How we Accredit

ethy makes it easy for you to reach businesses that match with your values. We embody these values within our ethyBadges - each of which reflect a specific type of sustainable practice derived from the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The UN Sustainable Development Goals are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030. Read up on the UN's blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future here.

Our ethyBadges

We use our ethyBadges to accredit businesses before we feature them on our app. All featured businesses have been accredited with one or more of our ethyBadges. Here's how we accredit businesses for each ethyBadge and why you should support businesses that operate under these practices!

Our process

All businesses that feature on ethy have passed our independent accreditation framework to ensure that they are contributing towards one or more of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Businesses are required to provide supporting information indicating why they are eligible for each ethyBadge they wish to apply for.

Our application process is thorough, and we communicate directly with each individual business to verify which ethyBadges should be attributed to them. We also enable businesses to request accreditation for ethyBadges on an ongoing basis, as a way to encourage continued progress towards more sustainable and ethical practices.

Vegan ethyBadge


Our standard

The business must be 100% plant-based and use no ingredient derived from animals in any of its produce.

Why spend Vegan?

  • Say no to the unethical treatment of animals.
  • Significantly reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions.
  • Fight against global warming.
  • Help reduce the truly excessive consumption of water.
  • Say yes to the many health benefits of a vegan diet.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Organic ethyBadge


Our standard

The business must sell predominantly organic produce, manufactured in line with organic standards and principles.

Why spend Organic?

  • Say yes to a more sustainable alternative to conventional agriculture.
  • Say no to the use of GMO's.
  • Help limit the use of artificial fertilizers & pesticides.
  • Say yes to healthy living soil that maintains carbon and helps mitigate the greenhouse effect.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Cruelty Free ethyBadge


Our standard

The business does not test any of their products, ingredients or components on animals.

Why spend Cruelty Free?

  • Prevent the exploitation and cruel treatment of animals in the cosmetics and fashion industries in particular.
  • Many cruelty free brands also offer organic, toxic-free products that are kinder to the environment.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Recycles ethyBadge


Our standard

The business has a clear and well defined recycling policy.

Why spend Recycles?

  • Prevent waste from being sent to landfill and incinerators.
  • Help conserve the planets natural resources.
  • Lessen greenhouse gas emission caused by harvesting new raw materials and help fight global warming.
  • Create and protect jobs in the recycling industry.
  • Save energy.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Carbon Conscious ethyBadge


Our standard

The business takes measures to minimise their CO2 emissions, such as engaging in carbon offset schemes or planting trees on a consistent basis. Note, this badge does not indicate that the business is carbon neutral.

Why spend Carbon Conscious?

  • Reduce your carbon footprint by using businesses that take care to minimize their own CO2 emissions.
  • Help lessen the greenhouse effect and tackle global warming.
  • Protect wildlife across the globe from the devastating effect of climate change.
  • Protect humanity from the adverse effects of global warming, such as drought and other extreme weather conditions.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Charity ethyBadge


Our standard

The business is a registered charity, set up to provide help and raise money for those in need.

Why spend Charity?

  • When you buy from charities you know you're supporting a good cause.
  • Charities are working to solve some of the world most important problems, from find finding a cure for cancer to ending poverty for good.
  • Charities operate a reuse and recycle model which means they're great for the environment as they reduce waste, reduce plastic and fuel the circular economy.
Reduced Plastic ethyBadge


Our standard

The business must demonstrate clear and substantial measures to minimize the use of plastic in their operations.

Why spend Reduced Plastic?

  • Fight against environmental pollution and protect wildlife on land and in the ocean.
  • Combat global warming by avoiding a material that is made using fossil fuels.
  • Help avoid human consumption of microplastics.
  • Help reduce the truly excessive consumption of water.
  • Plastics are not easily recycled.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Fair Trade ethyBadge


Our standard

The business is either Fairtrade certified, stocks Fairtrade certified products or demonstrates an ethical approach to their supply chain in ensuring fair prices are paid to producers.

Why spend Fair Trade?

  • Prevent the exploitation of producers and ensure a fair price is paid to them for their produce.
  • Certified Fairtrade means zero-tolerance on child labour.
  • Fairtrade most often mean more transparency on where products originate.
  • Fairtrade certified organisations must conform to rigorous environmental standards. For example, many are now moving to organic production, have banned GMOs and protect the environment through minimal use of agrochemicals.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Living Wage ethyBadge


Our standard

The business must pay the living wage to its workforce

Why spend Living Wage?

  • Ensure employees receive a rate of pay that meets the basic cost of living.
  • Support employee empowerment.
  • By addressing low pay, we can begin to solve the UK's productivity puzzle.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Social Enterprise ethyBadge


Our standard

The business must be a certified Social Enterprise with Social Enterprise UK.

Why spend Social Enterprise?

  • Direct your money back into the community.
  • Help support more open, transparent and accessible enterprises.
  • Support businesses that are driving positive cultural change.
  • Understand the implications of your spending.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Cooperative ethyBadge


Our standard

The business must must operate as a cooperative with a member-owner business structure.

Why spend Cooperative?

  • Support democratic organisations that give members control.
  • Say yes to equality in the work environment.
  • Say yes to organisations that work for mutual benefit.
  • Support more honest, open and caring organisations.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Reduces Waste ethyBadge


Our standard

The business demonstrates a clear intention to minimise waste. If a food business, it must divert 100% food waste from landfill. Businesses that recycle and upcycle also qualify.

Why spend Reduces Waste?

  • Fight against the 1/3 of food going to waste each year.
  • Prevent landfills inching higher and higher.
  • Control Carbon Dioxide emissions and global warming.
  • Prevent excessive landfill from emitting greenhouse gases and warming the climate.
  • Facilitate renewable energy through Anaerobic Digestion.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Female led ethyBadge


Our standard

The business either has a female founder/co-founder or a female CEO.

Why spend Female led?

  • Only 1 in 3 UK entrepreneurs is female. This badge celebrates a transition towards gender equality in business leadership and recognises an increase in the amount of women who choose to run their own business.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Local Produce ethyBadge


Our standard

The business sources its produce from local suppliers.

Why spend Local Produce?

  • Sourcing from local suppliers means less miles to transport produce, which in turn means less pollution from reduced fuel consumption.
  • These businesses support their local community, so you know that your money is going back into the community.
  • Greater transparency on where the company sources its produce.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Vegetarian ethyBadge


Our standard

The business must not sell any meat, poultry or fish.

Why spend Vegetarian?

  • Say no to the unethical treatment of animals.
  • Significantly reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions.
  • Fight against global warming.
  • Help reduce the truly excessive consumption of water.
  • Say yes to the many health benefits of a veggie diet.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Restaurant Assoc. ethyBadge


Our standard

The food business is a member of Food Made Good, an initiative started by the Sustainable Restaurant Association to accelerate change towards sustainability in the hospitality sector.

Why spend Sustainable Restaurant Assoc.?

  • When you eat at food places who work with the SRA, you know they are taking steps towards more sustainable practices in their operations.
  • The SRA provide these businesses with a robust framework for what makes a restaurant ‘good’.
  • The SRA use an industry standard Sustainability Rating, so there's transparency on these businesses efforts to reach sustainability.
  • The SRA works with these businesses to help fight against food waste.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

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